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Kadiya and Daniela







In the last 30 years we’ve been living together with our Alaskan Malamutes, trying to understand them and to read into their behavior. Through our relation with our dogs, we learnt to   

re-appropriate the instinctive communicational techniques that the human evolution and intellect have numbed and anesthetized over the years:


primordial feelings inevitably linked to physical contact, instinctive trust,  

ineluctable contact with nature and its rules, risks evolution, essential requirements in the battle for survival.


Understanding Malamutes peculiarities, by respecting their functional characteristics, and  their original aspect, are at the center of both our mission and our passion. 


In order to approach this breed, we need to take a step back from our supposed superiority, rather we need to place ourselves in a position of disadvantage: we need to observe them and to analyze in depth Malamutes nature. In order to follow them through their life, we need to be a crystal clear and consistent model for our Malamutes. Our relationship with them needs to be made of participation, interaction, communal interest in each other’s, as well as integrity from our part that will inspire our Malamutes to emulate our behavior and will push them to respect us. 


We’ve been trying hard to understand Malamutes’ way of communication, thus we’ve been trying to communicate them information and necessities through their vocal modulation system, by assuming different postures and facial expressions. Indeed, we’ve learnt that their educational path is based on behavioral emulation: it is necessary to show them what they have to do and what they cannot do, before they independently decide to organize themselves in order to act. 








Aragorn, Anigel, Carly and Daniela







Malamutes learning systems is based on improvement through experience: they are able to record information, if we manage to correctly transmit them, including prohibitions., indeed they need to understand what they cannot do. In our experience, we have learnt that the best way to pass this information is through simulation.


We strongly believe that giving Malamutes a prize after they accomplish an action, makes sense only if it is an affection gesture, as petting them with the back of your hand reproducing so the approval licking given by the pack leader to a subordinate.

A food prize is usually misunderstood by the dog: a real pack leader, would never give away food without a reason; food is linked to survival, thus giving it away would suggest inability to organize the pack, it would give the possibility of a fight for a hierarchic replacing. 


You can find all this in these surprising dogs, their existence is the result of millenniums of wild life. they will change you emotionally, forcing you to follow your heart and instincts more than your rational side. 




It all started in 1991 with our first Malamute puppy: KADIYA

















Kadiya and Daniela                                                                                                                               Kadiya











Kadiya and Francesco






With Kadiya we lived the experience of our first litter:












From this litter we decided to keep with us Aragorn and Anigel:


























Later on we decided to welcome more puppies coming from different breeders:



Carly (Windchasercarlyofsnowflake)


















Priscilla (Chakeba Daystarrpriscilla)




















Monty (Adair 'n' Hug's Hard Drive)

















Monty and Carlo















Inuk: from our first litter


















Anigel’s litter









 Ice : Puppy from Anigel’s litter




















Carly’s puppies








Carly and Monty’s puppies













Kyle Snowflake All About Us (Carly and Monty’s puppies)








Rose Snowflake Sweet Gipsy